About Us

Our Vision

AfyaSolutions believes in building IT solutions that will minimize errors and improve the overall quality of patient care while reducing costs within healthcare businesses.


We are partnered with healthcare leaders, striving to leverage global policy change necessary to implement a successful shift to sustainable healthcare systems. Our platform enables collaboration with vendors and our clients to improve delivery of care and further engage patients at lower costs.


At AfyaSolutions, we found that the present (EMR) software is designed to address the administrative needs of a healthcare business. This ignores the medical professionals using the system. For the past two years our teams has spent hundreds of hours researching current software offerings and interviewing Doctors, documenting their processes in order to develop a user friendly EMR system.

Put the professionals first, their job is caring for patients. We are offering an EMR that will relieve the long hours of learning a cumbersome or unfriendly software system.

Our goal is to build and maintain ongoing relationships with our clients, welcoming feedback. In this way we are continually improving our systems.

All relevant patient information at your fingertips.

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